Nov 29 2013

Our El Gouna Holidays Website Redesign

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We’ve just had a complete redesign of our El Gouna Holidays website.

El Gouna Holidays

El Gouna is one of the best places to holiday on the Red Sea and is known as the “Venice of The Red Sea Riviera” as it is built on a series of lagoons.

It is one of Egypt’s premier kite-surfing hotspots and has an All Year Round 18 Hole Championship Golf Course as well as some superb hotels.

You can find out all about El Gouna and the great prices we can offer you by vsiting the new website at


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Late last week we were advised that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (the FCO) had removed their advice against all but essential travel to Luxor which meant that Nile cruises were able to resume from the 2nd of December.

The Pyramids, Giza. Colin & Barbara November 2012.


Well yesterday we were notified that the FCO no longer advise against all but essential travel to Cairo Governate and Greater Cairo including Giza 6th October City and the Giza Pyramids (which are part of the Giza Governate).

More great news!

So that means UK travellers can once again visit Cairo to experience visiting one of the last remaining Wonders of The World as well as the many, many other unforgettable experiences that a visit to Cairo includes.

As I’ve mentioned on our Nile Cruises 4u Facebook page we were actually in Egypt visiting Cairo, Luxor and Aswan this time last year and it was one of our most unforgettable visits to that wonderful country. We had the time of our lives in Cairo being guided by our friend Medo and I can really recommend that if you get the chance you should go there.

And now, thanks to the lifting of the FCO restrictions, you can.


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Nov 19 2013

Egyptian System of Writing

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There are lots of really fascinating websites about Egypt and particularly Ancient Egypt that I subscribe to and read as often as possible.

One of them is “Egypt IM” which is full of information and fascinating facts. There are also some things that I’m not as interested in but I can skip those easily.

If you subscribe to their email newsletter you will receive details of the latest posts and the latest questions that people from all around the world have asked.

Now you might think “what’s this got to do with taking a Nile cruise?“.

Well, I think it  can only add to the enjoyment that you’ll get from you cruise when you finally arrive in Egypt.

To give you a taste here’s the latest question and answer I received this morning which was about the writing systems of the Ancient Egyptians:


Question by : What are the three systems of writing used by the ancient egyptians?

I have to write a report describing the three systems of writing used by the Ancient Egyptians and how they differ.  Please help and dumb it down a little please!
I’m not in college so dont get too technical. Read the rest of this entry »

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I saw this short article in the Guardian last week and thought “what a fantastic thing to do”. To walk the length of the River Nile from it’s source through 6 different countries, (maybe 7 if he walks through Burundi).

31 year old Levison Wood will start in Rwanda on December 1st and will walk through Tanzania, Uganda, South Suda, Sudan and finally Egypt, some 4,250 mile in total. Hopefully, if he keeps to his schedule, all done within one year.

Wow! Fancy being able to dedicate a full year to such a wonderful experience. And we wonder sometimes how we can take a week off for a break.

Levison Wood, Nile explorer

On occasions he will have to change which side of the Nile he walks…“depending which side of the river he takes – some of which have been riven by civil unrest and war”.  And even that must be a bit of a challenge.

I watched the Joanna Lumley TV documentary in which she traced the source of the Nile all the way down to Rwanda. That was obviously done in a little more comfort and a lot more quickly but even that mini-expedition took her though some uncomfortable and inhospitable areas so to do it all on foot is an amazing thing to try.

You can read the whole article on the Guardian website:

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Jul 24 2013

Gulet Cruise

Gulet CruiseIf your looking for another wonderful water-based travel experience then you should pop over to our other website

Barbara and I took our first Gulet cruise a number of years ago and we’ve booked a total of three Gulet cruises since then.

As you can guess we had a fabulous time. It’s another totally different way to enjoy time away from our normal day to day life.

Our Gulet cruises have allowed us to explore some of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen. Based in Turkey we’ve swam, dined and explored places we’d never heard of and would never have been able to find if we’d not been sailing on a Gulet.

You can read more about our first Gulet cruise experience on the website but here’s a taster to give you an idea what a fabulous time we had:

“Our first Gulet cruise was in 2006 when some friends of ours, Carole and Gavin, who had taken a gulet cruise holiday the year before asked us to join them for another cruise that started in Marmaris and ended in Fethiye.

Over dinner and after a few glasses of wine they told us about spending long, lazy days swimming from the gulet in crystal clear turquoise waters, sunbathing on the warm wooden decks, eating wonderful meals prepared by the crew form fresh, local produce and spending nights sleeping outside under the stars on the deck. Read the rest of this entry »

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