Feb 26 2015

Nile Cruise “Pathe” Video

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I found this wonderful vintage Pathe film about cruising The Nile on Facebook today and thought it would be of interest to anyone hoping to cruise the nile in the future or as a lovely reminder for thos who have already made this magical journey. Towards the end it describes the amazing plans behind moving the temples on Lake Nasser. It will give you a real insight on the scale of hat they planned. If you take the optional excursion to Abu Simbel you’ll see just what they actually achieved…If you choose the HD option you will get a better visual experience):

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A Cook Abroad:Dave Myers' Egypt“Hairy Biker” Dave Myers is riding solo tonight without partner Si King for a new tour of Egypt airing on BBC2 at 9.00pm, entitled “A Cook Abroad: Dave Myers’ Egypt“.

The description of the show sounds really promising and includes Dave Myers’ “haggling ineptly for souvenirs at Luxor“. Something I’ve been guilty of on many occasions.

If your due to take Nile cruise or have already experienced one you will enjoy this programme I’m sure. I personally love Egyptian food and as I love “The Hairy Bikers” this is a programme not to be missed.

You can read more about this evening’s show here: “A Cook Abroad:Dave Myers’ Egypt“. Read the rest of this entry »

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Barbara at the Egyptian Museum

Barbara at the Egyptian Museum

After your Nile Cruise if you add a few days up in Cairo to see The Pyramids, as so many people do, then more than likely you will spend a couple of fascinating hours in Cairo’s Egyptian Museum just off the famous “Tahir Square“, scene of the heaviest protests during both revolutions.

Barbara and I have visited the museum on a number of occasions.

The famous pink building is to be renovated to “return the museum to it’s original status” according to it’s director Mahmoud Halwagy.

It was originally built and I would suggest it is probably one of the most visited museums in the world due to the nature of it’s exhibits. Today it is still a honeypot for tourists visiting the City however it’s interior has seen better days and the whole museum needs to move into the 21st century. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jan 23 2015

Egyptian Music Selection

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Egyptian MusicIf you’ve heard the music that plays in the background when you open and read our Free Nile Cruise Guide, and liked it, you may well be interested in this mix of popular 1950s Egytian music compiled by Brian Shimkovitz.

It might just get you in the mood for your forthcoming Nile cruise or remind you of what a great time you had when you did cruise…

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Jan 11 2015

‘Walking The Nile” Episode Two

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Dont’ forget at 9.00pm this evening on Channel 4 you can see the second episode of Levison Wood’s 9 month journey “Walking The Nile“.

Last week was really fascinating, even though there was a sad and tragic moment when one of his travelling companions succumbed to heat stroke.

This week “Lev and his guide Boston trek from Rwanda’s rainforest, through remote, lawless regions of Tanzania, into Uganda. They dodge crocodiles and hippos, go to a wedding and get a hero’s welcome in Kampala”.

You can also visit Levison’s YouTube channel and see a lot more about his amazing trip.

I think next week, episode three, we’ll see more of the stretch of The Nile where you would take your Nile cruise, between Luxor and Aswan, I think the whole journey and Levison’s adventures on the world’s longer river is a great “watch”.

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