Nile Cruise Podcast

Nile Cruise PodcastWe have created the Nile Cruise Podcast to allow us to set up a series of interviews with people who have enjoyed a recent Nile Cruise. By interviewing them we can let them tell you, in their own words, just what a Nile Cruise entails.

You can listen to each episode on your computer’s speakers or download each episode from iTunes and listen to them at leisure on your iPod.

Below you will see the most recent Nile Cruise Podcasts in the “AudioBoo” Player.  You simply click on the title of the Podcast you wish to hear and it will begin playing.  Below the AudioBoo Player you will see and be able to hear the first five Nile Cruise Podcasts that we ever created.

If you would be willing to be interviewed about your own Nile Cruise experiences please email me at

For information on any thing mentioned on the podcast please call us at and speak to Barbara, or Colin on Freephone 0808 1089 100