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Important Information

If you would like to read more about Nile Cruises BEFORE you book your holiday please read our FREE Nile Cruise Guide especially the last chapter of Tips and Hints.

As well as reading the Nile Cruise Guide here are some important points that you should consider:

Travel Insurance.

It is absolutely essential that you take out adequate Travel Insurance. In the event of a claim for medical expenses, repatriation costs, loss of possessions by theft, cancellation and other unforeseen events you could be liable for very considerable costs should you fail to do so. Please contact us if you require any help with Travel Insurance.

Optional excursions.

Please note that if you are considering booking any optional excursions that are not part of the standard itinerary operated by your cruise ship please be aware that these may not be covered by your insurance company in the event that you may need to make a claim. Please contact your insurers prior to departure to check if such excursions are covered by your policy.

General Health.

We recommend that you take the small, pocket-size liquid soap dispensers available from UK chemists with you whenever you leave the ship and use them as often as required. Especially after handling local currency which can on occasions be very dirty. If you remember to wash your hands every time you handle money etc, you should avoid, as much as is possible, suffering possible tummy upsets.

Credit/Debit Cards.

Please be aware that although some ships state that they have facilities to accept credit/debit cards for payments of bar bills, excursions and other costs you could find that on occasions these facilities are not available or working. Please ensure that you have alternative methods of payment available such as cash or travellers cheques. Remember that the availability and reliability of technologies that we take for granted are different in Egypt.

Drinks and Refreshments on Full Board Cruises.

Please note that on Full Board Nile Cruises you will be charged for all drinks, including tea, coffee and refreshments even with your meals. (Some ships may include tea and coffee with breakfast). Full Board includes breakfast, lunch and evening meals but does not include drinks or refreshments. This includes water as this is bottled. Please plan accordingly and if you are provided with drinks at meal times and they are included with your meals then treat that arrangement as an added bonus!! Best to plan for no drinks and be pleasantly surprised if they are included with your meals.

** These points are offered as helpful advice from our own experience and are offered on that basis only.