Abu Simbel

I’m writing thus as I’m driving back from Abu Simbel across the desert. Each time we have cruised the Nile we put off visiting Abu Simbel for a variety of reasons. On this visit we were determined to go there and we were not disappointed.

Although it was an early start (4am!!) it didn’t seem so bad when the journey was underway. The drive is about 3 hours by air-conditioned coach across the desert from Aswan to Abu Simbel, about 160 miles. We could have flown but we quite fancied driving across the desert. We took our pillows from the hotel and a breakfast box that they provided and we were off. The cost by coach by the way was £85 each. I know it sounds a lot of money but it is in fact very good value and well worth it.

As we drove through the desert our Egyptologist, Hussein, explained the story behind the Abu Simbel project and how UNESCO saved the two temples at Abu Simbel which would have been flooded in the mid 1960’s when Egypt and Sudan created Lake Nasser. The temples were taken apart, moved backwards and upwards to ensure they were saved. The project took 4 years and because of these efforts we can now enjoy the wonders of these two magnificent temples.

You’ll be able to see photos and videos on the website shortly.

We also saw the enormous Lake Nasser and some of the cruise ships that sail between Aswan and Abu Simbel. We have sold quite a few 4 day Lake Nasser cruises this year and it would be a great trip to combine a Nile Cruise with a Lake Nasser cruise.

On our return journey we actually saw a mirage in the desert which really did look like a large shimmering lake in the distance with reflections and a real feel of reality about it. But it was just a trick if the light between the sands and the sky.

If you are thinking of visiting Abu Simbel then I would definitely recommend it and I will load up pictures and videos as soon as I can.