“Anthem To The Rising Moon”

“Anthem To The Rising Moon” by Jeff Goodman

If you have read our Nile Cruise Guide Book you will have already heard the wonderful music composed by Jeff Goodman. Jeff is a professional composer and musician from Los Angeles, California who very graciously allowed us to add his compositions to the Guide. As the Guide opens it is Jeff’s music that you hear and that lends so much to creating the atmosphere of Ancient Egypt to the experience.

Jeff emailed me to say that he has just produced a video to go with his composition “Anthem To The Rising Moon” and he will shortly be creating a series of videos to accompany his other Egyptian pieces and of course when he does so I will post those here.

I thought that I would add Jeff’s new video here on the Nile Cruises 4u Blog as a taster to Jeff’s music if you havent’ already heard it whilst reading the Nile Cruise Guide.

I love the feel that Jeff achieves which I think really invokes the atmosphere of Ancient Egypt.

You can learn more about Jeff’s music and about the man himself at his website Shelter of Clear Light where you can also purchase Jeff’s compositions.

Here is the video for “Anthem To The Rising Moon“.