Briton to walk the length of the Nile

I saw this short article in the Guardian last week and thought “what a fantastic thing to do”. To walk the length of the River Nile from it’s source through 6 different countries, (maybe 7 if he walks through Burundi).

31 year old Levison Wood will start in Rwanda on December 1st and will walk through Tanzania, Uganda, South Suda, Sudan and finally Egypt, some 4,250 mile in total. Hopefully, if he keeps to his schedule, all done within one year.

Wow! Fancy being able to dedicate a full year to such a wonderful experience. And we wonder sometimes how we can take a week off for a break.

Levison Wood, Nile explorer

On occasions he will have to change which side of the Nile he walks…“depending which side of the river he takes – some of which have been riven by civil unrest and war”.  And even that must be a bit of a challenge.

I watched the Joanna Lumley TV documentary in which she traced the source of the Nile all the way down to Rwanda. That was obviously done in a little more comfort and a lot more quickly but even that mini-expedition took her though some uncomfortable and inhospitable areas so to do it all on foot is an amazing thing to try.

You can read the whole article on the Guardian website: