Our Visit To The Egyptian Museum

Our Visit To The Egyptian Museum

Barbara at the Egyptian Museum Cairo.

One of the main reasons that people are interested in visiting Cairo’s Egyptian Museum is due to the fact that all of the artifacts and treasure that was found in Tutankhamun’s burial chamber at the Valley of The Kings is located here at the museum.

So, as you can probably imagine, the curators of the museum leave the “best till last”. In other words you work your way around the museum until eventually you reach the section that is dedicated to the “Boy King”, Tutankhamun.

Insight Guide to Egypt

And…I have to be honest, it really is quite amazing. You will see the jewellery, precious stones and gold that was found in the tomb along with the outer casings of the mummy. By that I mean that the mummified body was placed into wooden “suits” decorated with gold and precious stones. The “suits” were essentially images of Tutankhamun’s body.

But there wasn’t’ just one, there seemed to be a number of them and they fitted into each other just like Russian dolls do.

There were also huge wooden boxes, (I just cant’ remember what they were called) that the mummy was placed into. Huge boxes, again covered in gold leaf and semi-precious stones, and again, the boxes fitted into the previous one, like Russian dolls.

They were pretty big and looked very heavy so goodness knows how they did it. Mind you that’s the same question you ask yourself throughout Egypt. In the enormous temples and sites, at the Pyramids and here at the Egyptian Museum. How on earth did they do it? Continue reading “Our Visit To The Egyptian Museum”

Visiting Cairo – Day 2 – continued even more!!

Visiting Cairo

Approaching Tahir Square Cairo

As we reached Tahir Square it felt strange to actually be driving around a location that had witnessed really world-changing events. Certainly for the Egyptian people but also it was a catalyst for change in other countries.

Of course we had watched the events unfold on TV but now we were here it was different. Probably because you realised that the square is normally just a very busy, central hub of Cairo city centre and of course it looks totally different. There were cars everywhere and people going around their daily business. You also saw that there were nearby businesses, shops, hotels and apartments that must all have been very heavily affected during the months of the Revolution.

We drove to the other side of the square and our driver pulled over to allow us to jump out near to the entrance to the Egyptian Museum. Continue reading “Visiting Cairo – Day 2 – continued even more!!”

Visiting Luxor – Day 2

Visiting Luxor – Day 2

Maritim Jolie Ville Luxor - Barbara breakfasting on the banks of the Nile, November 2012.After a breakfast on the edge of the Nile at the Maritim Jolie Ville and our visit to The Valley of The Kings, described in my post yesterday, we headed into Luxor to visit a number of Nile cruise ships and hotels that we have sent clients to over the years and also to see a few properties that we haven’t’ used before.

Falling into that category was the Nile cruise ship, The Admiral, which is part of the Presidential fleet of ships.The Admiral Nile cruise ship's restaurant

It’s a 4 Star Nile cruise ship that offers an All Inclusive option and sails for a 7 night cruise from Luxor on a Monday. I have to be honest I wasn’t’ really impressed with the ships itself which is a little tired-looking and it’s furniture and fittings really showed that it is a 4 star ship. The cabins were very basic and if passengers are used to 5 star hotel standards I think they would be very disappointed with the levels of comfort and decoration.

However, saying that the crew were very welcoming and we did return that evening at the invitation of the owners to enjoy a lovely dinner in the restaurant. The other people who were in the restaurant and sailing on The Admiral seemed very content with their choice and so I imagine that if you are on a limited budget then it would look like a good choice. If you are looking for something more luxurious I don’t’ think the Presidential boats are the ones for you.

On leaving The Admiral we made our way to see the first of the Luxor hotels that we use regularly for those clients seeking a Nile cruise and stay holiday. In this case it was the Sofitel Karnak, just opposite the world-famous Karnak Temple.

We have visited the Sofitel Karnak before but it’s in such lovely location, right on the banks of the Nile with beautifully kept gardens, that’s its’ a pleasure to visit once again. The hotel is a “low-rise” hotel with no buildings seemingly over two stories which makes for a nice atmosphere. There are excellent facilities for both families and couples and the hotel is the only “All Inclusive” hotel in Luxor.

It would certainly provide a great chance to chill-out and relax after a Nile cruise with no transfer time to speak of as the hotel is just on the outskirts of Luxor.

The hotel provides a twice daily shuttle bus into Luxor’s town centre but it also, more appealingly, offers a water taxi to its’ guests that takes you right into the heart of Luxor sailing along the banks of the Nile. A lovely touch. Continue reading “Visiting Luxor – Day 2”

Nile Cruise, Cairo and El Gouna

The PyramidsIn the midst of the unrest and demonstrations that we are seeing at the moment it’s nice to receive a really positive testimonial from one of our clients who has just returned from Egypt having cruised on the MS Stephanie then stayed at the Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel in Giza, Cairo before travelling down to stay in El Gouna on the Red Sea.

Barbara and I know from our experience what lovely people the Egyptian people are and its’ such a shame that currently the unrest is causing such hardship for the many hardworking men and women who’s very livelihoods depend upon tourism.  I think when you read this testimonial you’ll see just how welcoming and hospitable the people of Egypt really are.

The testimonial is in our Nile Cruise Testimonials page but I’ve reprinted it below:

Hi there Barbara and Colin
Thanks for the welcome home mail.
What can I say – the whole experience was wonderful.
All the transfers etc. went very smoothly – we missed the rep. in the airport in Cairo when we flew to El Gouna, but we managed fine ourselves.  Flights were good, both the international and domestic trips.  Luxor airport was a bit of a nightmare going home, queues for everything, but I got the impression that it was like that all the time!

Continue reading “Nile Cruise, Cairo and El Gouna”

Aswan and 4 Night Nile Cruise

Abu SimbelWe can now arrange a 1 week trip for you that includes 4 night Nile Cruise followed by a 3 night stay in Aswan at the 5 Star Iberotel Aswan. Prices start from just £715 depending on dates but if you stay in Aswan we could also arrange a trip to Abu Simbel for you.

This is a brand new winter arrangement starting this year and I think it would be a super trip to take and enjoy a Nile Cruise as well as being able to visit one of Egypt’s most wondrous sites at Abu Simbel.

We can also offer you a 14 night arrangement which combines a week in Marsa Alam.

Please feel free to call either Barbara or myself to find out more.