3,500 year old broken tooth solves one of Egyptology’s great mysteries…

A 3,500 year old broken tooth, found in a box in a burial chamber has helped solve on of Egyptology’s great mysteries.

Egyptology Mystery Solved  According to a recent article in the Travel Weekly magazine, a CT scan revealed that the tooth would fit exactly into the mouth of a previously unidentified mummy, now known to be the only female pharaoh from the Golden Age, Hatshepsut.

That means that not only can visitors now come face to face with her in the Mummy Room at Cairo’s Egyptian Museum but also that experts have changed their view on this indomitable queen’s relationship with her stepson and the manner of her death.

So, even now, new discoveries are happening all the time and new sites are being excavated and opened to the public. Which means that it really is a great time to take a Nile cruise and visit Cairo.

Following the instability following the 2011 revolution things have been quieter under President El-Sisi and tourists are returning in larger numbers each month. In September visitor numbers were up 193%.

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Domina Prestige Nile Cruise Offers

Domina Prestige Nile Cruise

We have some excellent prices for the 5 star Domina Prestige Nile Cruise ship for September.

Domina Prestige Nile Cruise

For instance we have a price from £759 for a seven night full board Nile Cruise with a 12 excursion package and cabin on the upper or middle deck.

The Domina Prestige cabins feature Juliette balconies and the ship has an excellent reputation.

If you preferred an All Inclusive arrangement then the prices would be from £829. Continue reading “Domina Prestige Nile Cruise Offers”

Royal Viking Nile Cruise

Royal Viking Nile Cruise Ship - Barbara relaxing on the sundeck

Royal Viking Nile Cruise | 5 Star Deluxe Nile Cruise Ship

Royal Viking Nile Cruise

One of our favourite Nile Cruise ships is the 5 star deluxe Royal Viking.

Barbara and I have sailed on the Royal Viking on 2 separate occasions and each time found the service, staff, catering and accommodation excellent. Having cruised the Nile on a number of occasions I have visited the main temples and sites before and, although, I still find visiting wonders such The Valley The Kings breathtaking, I do like the actual “cruising” part of the trip. So it’s great to know that on the Royal Viking the cabins are luxurious and comfortable with beautiful bathrooms, really relaxing beds and also the added advantage of them having Juliette balconies that allow you to open the sliding French-style windows and look straight onto the Nile. Continue reading “Royal Viking Nile Cruise”

Nile Cruise from Cairo to Aswan. First time for many years…

Nile Cruise from Cairo to Luxor.

The re-opening of the stretch of the Nile linking Cairo to Luxor means that you can now book a truly unique Nile cruise on board the superb Alexander The Great.

Alexander The Great - Standard Suite

In fact the cruise will transport you all the way from Cairo right down to Aswan where you can take the excursion to Abu Simbel.

Due to low water levels this has not been possible in recent years but we regularly get asked by clients if we can arrange this cruise. Continue reading “Nile Cruise from Cairo to Aswan. First time for many years…”