Nile Cruise Offers

Nile Cruise Offers

Well, at the moment and into 2013, there are some great Nile Cruise offers available on the excellent 5 Star Viking Princess Nile cruise ship and the superb Royal Viking, in some cases offering as much as 37% off the second person travelling.

Good eh?

Royal Viking Nile Cruise Ship - Barbara relaxing on the sundeck

For instance the Nile cruises departing on the Viking Princess on December 3rd this year you will pay £749 for the first person travelling but only £499 for the second person travelling. A great deal.

On the superb Royal Viking on the same date you would pay £949 for the first person and only £599 for the second person.

We have just had some clients return yesterday from sailing on the Royal Viking and they phoned to tell us what a brilliant time they had had whilst cruising the Nile on the Royal Viking. A “trip pf a lifetime” was the verdict of our clients and, apparently, all of the other passengers they had spoken to. Continue reading “Nile Cruise Offers”

Save up to £1000 per couple on Luxury Nile Cruise

Alexander The Great Nile Cruise…

Compare Nile Cruise Ships - Alexander The Great

The most luxurious Nile Cruise ship I have ever set foot on is the superb Alexander The Great. More like a luxury motor yacht than a Nile Cruise ship the Alexander is top of the line from head to foot.

Superb, individually designed cabins, beautiful public rooms, wonderful cuisine and excellent, professional and friendly crew the Alexander The Great is really the ideal vessel the cruise the Nile.

As with all things, you “get what you pay for” however at this moment we have a wonderful offer where you can save up to £1000 per couple on selected dates.

Here are the details: Continue reading “Save up to £1000 per couple on Luxury Nile Cruise”

Cheap Nile Cruises

Cheap Nile Cruises. Are there such things?

Cheap Nile Cruises

Is it wise to book a “cheap Nile Cruise”?

We often get asked “what’s the cheapest Nile cruise you can organise for me?’

Well the “cheapest” is usually the worst we can sell you. We can always find a really cheap ship but with “cheap” usually comes the word “poor”.

Poor standards of accommodation, poor standards of hygene, poor standards of service, poor standards of food, poor standards of service.

Cheap but rubbish.

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Christmas on The Nile

How about spending Christmas on the Nile?

We have a number of great offers available for departure on Monday 19th of December which would bring you home on the evening of the 26th.

What a lovely way to spend Christmas. In the sun but without flying long-haul and spending up to 12 or 13 hours flying. Seeing the wonders of Ancient Egypt and enjoying great service.

Beats stuffing the turkey!

MS Grand Rose cabin

We have a great offer on the MS Grand Star at a price of just £729 All Inclusive. A saving of £276 per person!

Or the MS Grand Preziosa at a price of £679 All Inclusive. A saving of £296 per person.

And the MS Grand Star at a price of £599 Full Board. A saving of £290 per person.

Please take a look at our Nile Cruise Bargains page for more details of these and other great Nile Cruises.

Nile Cruise in November

If you are already fed up with these afternoons when it starts to get dark around 4.00pm then you might want to think about taking a week in the sun. In which case taking a Nile Cruise in November is an ideal way to do just that.

Nile Cruise in November


Prices are extremely competitive in November and we have some great prices in our Nile Cruise Bargains page including 50% off the second person sailing on the Viking Princess, the Royal Viking and the Alexander The Great on selected dates.

Plus we have some great prices on ships such as the 4 star Pioneer and the 5 Star Nile Style.

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