Nile Cruise Reviews

Nile Cruise Reviews

As you can imagine we are asked a lot about the little details about the various Nile cruise ships that we arrange cruises on and we do our best to be as detailed and honest as possible in our descriptions.

Nile Cruise Reviews

However one of the things we recommend is to try and access as many Nile Cruise reviews as possible to try and get a “feel” for each Nile cruise ship from people who have actually sailed on them. Continue reading “Nile Cruise Reviews”

Compare Nile Cruise Ships

Compare Nile Cruise Ships

Compare Nile Cruise Ships - Alexander The Great
One of the most difficult things to do if you are thinking of taking a Nile cruise is to compare Nile cruise ships.

How can you do it and on what basis can you compare them? The main problem is that all ship owners describe their ships as “5 Star Luxury“. Yet they cant’ possibly all be “5 Star Luxury” can they?

In fact there is a huge difference between some ships at what I would call near the bottom of the scale and those ships right at the top.

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Nile Cruise Testimonial

We’ve just received this short but very positive Nile Cruise Testimonial:

Viking Princess Sun Deck

Hi Barbara,

Thank you. We have just had a great time on the Viking Princess Nile cruise ship.

We have always wanted to do a Nile Cruise but we had heard that people could get tummy problems.

We had none of that.  The food was the best we have ever had in Egypt. The guide was fantastic.

We are now at home taking a rest as this was a very busy programe but  we enjoyed every minute.

 So one again thank you. All the tips you gave us were a great help.

Sue and Keith

Nile Cruise Testimonials – MS Grand Rose

We have just received a great Nile Cruise Testimonial from a client who has just returned from a Nile Cruise on the MS Grand Rose.

MS Grand Rose Nile Cruise

You can read the testimonial along with many others on our Nile Cruise Testimonials page. However to save you time here is a copy of Andrea’s email:

Dear Barbara

Apologies for not contacting you before but I have felt “6 steps behind” since getting back from Egypt in the early hours of last Tuesday. Continue reading “Nile Cruise Testimonials – MS Grand Rose”

Nile Cruise Testimonial

We have received a new Nile Cruise Testimonial from a client who has just returned from a Nile Cruise on the Royal Viking.

Royal Viking Nile Cruise Ship

You can read it and 28 others on our Nile Cruise Testimonials page. However to save you time I have added it here:

The holiday we recently spent on the “Royal Viking” was an immensely interesting and enjoyable experience.  The detailed information provided on the website gave us a very good idea of what to expect and it was extremely useful as we planned for the trip.

 All the arrangements worked very well.  We flew down to London from Glasgow the day before our departure for Egypt; even the choice of airport (Gatwick) turned out to be correct, since the flights to Heathrow were cancelled due to snow (in London, not Glasgow!).  The EasyJet flight to Luxor from Gatwick passed relatively quickly as we had plenty of guide books to read on the way and our worries over the carrier were not at all founded.  Visa formalities were dealt with very efficiently by the representatives at the airport and we were soon transferred to the ship, ready to unpack in our cabin, and prepare for the evening meal.  Continue reading “Nile Cruise Testimonial”