Alexander The Great

Yesterday evening we visited the superb Alexander The Great Nile cruise ship and were shown around this luxury Nile cruise ship by the ship’s manager Sherif.

Our first impressions as you enter the elegant reception is that you are entering a boutique hotel. Smaller than the large, airy reception of a typical Nile cruise ship, the Alexander The Great feels much more like a luxury yacht. By “yacht” I mean the type of motor yacht that might be owned by a Roman Abramavitch or a Donald Trump.

The Alexander The Great is narrower in width and slightly smaller in length than a traditional Nile cruise ship but this only serves to strengthen the impression that you are aboard somebody’s luxury motor yacht.

Ship’s manager Sherif explained to us that there are only 32 suites on the Alexander and that each one is individually decorated and no two suites are the same. He also told us there is a staff to guest ratio of 1:1.

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Weather is wonderful here

Day 4 of our Nile Cruise aboard the Royal Viking and the weather is perfect. Yesterday we spent the afternoon relaxing on the sun deck as the Royal Viking sailed slowly along the Nile. Close enough to the bank for us to be able to see people working on their farms and also to enjoy the wildlife and the variety of birds that live on the Nile.

During the afternoon various Nile cruise ships passed us or we passed them and it was good to see the ships that we use in full steam mode. We have clients out here on the Royal Viking but also on several other ships and we have bumped into a couple of clients during one of the temple visits and everyone is really enjoying themselves.

Tomorrow, Friday, we leave at 4.00am (!!!!) to travel to Abu Simbel which we are really looking forward to and I’ll add a post here to the blog and add video and photos when we get back. Now? Off to another lovely lunch.

Nile Cruise Testimonial just received…

I have just received this email from 2 of our clients who are currently enjoying a Nile Cruise.  They will then change ships and are to take a Lake Nasser cruise.

They kindly emailed me from their hotel in Aswan to let me know how they are getting on.  Here is the email I received:

Hi Colin
Just a note to say what a fantastic holiday we are having here in Egypt.  I will update you on the full itinerary when we get home but so far everything has really exceeded our expectations.  After all the uncertainty of whether we would get here and would we enjoy it so soon after the revolution we are having one of our best holidays ever.  All the arrangements you made for us have been so smooth running and we are contacted by the tour reps frequently with pick up times etc.  Both hotels are excellent and I can’t praise the Oberoi Philae highly enough.  The Nile cruise was amazing ……the boat is just beautiful and the crew were so welcoming and friendly.  They really go the extra mile to ensure you enjoy your time onboard.   Visiting all the temples and tombs was the highlight and the Egyptologist was fantastic with his knowledge and enthusiasm for his subject.  We feel very lucky to be here at this time as the sites are still fairly quiet.  Looking forward to the Lake Nasser cruise starting tomorrow.
Thanks again,
Jean & Alex

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Nile Cruises – Update

Viking Princess Sun DeckWe have just received an email from a client of ours who is currently travelling within Egypt and has been there for the last few weeks.  Unfortunately the cruise that we were able to provide for her was cancelled as all flights from the UK were cancelled and that meant that the ship would have sailed with no passengers.

However our client has now booked a cruise on another Nile cruise ship that is actually sailing.  Here is the email we received today:

“Dear Colin,
I hope you are well and your business is not suffering too badly because of the situation in Egypt. We are now in Luxor, still celebrating Mubarak’s resignation. Now is a fantastic time to visit – there are almost no tourists, and today we were the only visitors to the Valley of the Kings! Moreover, it seems like we are going on a Nile cruise after all (insha’allah) – the ship is called The Nile Crown, it’s not as cool as Monica, but still nice – it is set to sail sometime in the next three days. They are now trying to sell more cabins (only about 10 or 11 sold so far), so we are keeping our fingers crossed. I do hope that you will be able to resume cruises shortly”.

We are hoping that flights will be resumed very shortly and our clients can enjoy a truly memorable holiday and of course help the Egyptian people restore the damage done to their economy.