Extra 50% Offers for 2nd Person…

We have a few extra dates were the “50% Second Person Reduction” applies.

They are for the following dates:

 Viking Princess  Royal Ruby  Royal Viking Â
 1st Person 2nd 1st Person 2nd 1st Person 2nd
October 31 £899 £449 £999 £499 £1099 £549
21 November £799 £399 £899 £449 £999 £499
28 November £799 £399 £899 £449 £999 £499
12 December FULL FULL £799 £399 £899 £449

There are just a few cabins left on each date so for more information please call Barbara or Colin on Freephone 0808 1089 100.

2 Replies to “Extra 50% Offers for 2nd Person…”

  1. I am interested in Nile Cruises in mid – late November 2011 for my wife and I. However I have a rare neurological disease which affects walking, balance speech etc. I can walk but find uneven ground difficult. I can climb stairs/steps but need to hold a rail to keep my balance. I usually use a stick. Is a Nile cruise suitable?

  2. Hi John,

    It’s difficult to advise really as it will depend on how difficult walking is for you. The ships are accessed by a gangplank which is literally a foot wide plank with a rope hand rail on each side. It’s not normally very steep but you might need assistance. There are normall three deck on each ship accessed by wide staircases which I would imagine would not be any great difficulty for you.

    Regarding the excursions; there are a lot of uneven surfaces as you can imagine although some sites/temples are better than others in that respect. Your resident Egyptologist on board would be able to advise you the night before as to which excursions would be unsuitable for you.

    I have seen people in wheelchairs in some of the temples with the most uneven floors but they did have a lot of friends helping them.

    I think it’s probably a matter of how determined you are to see these amazing sights as well as you knowing your own limits. I am sorry I cant’ be more helpful.

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