Flip Mino HD Digital Video Cameras

Flip Mino HD Digital Video Camera from Nile Cruises 4u on Vimeo.

At Nile Cruises 4u we’ve just upgraded to the Flip Mino HD Digital Camera and this video shows the set up that we use to create our Nile Cruise Podcast.

I mentioned in an earlier post how brilliant the Flip Digital Video Camera is.  Well a week or two ago I re-sold our original Flip Mino Digital Video camera on Amazon.co.uk for almost the same price as we had bought it for a few months earlier.

We sold it using the Amazon “Sell Yours” facility which is just brilliant.  In fact I bought the original Flip Mino from the proceeds of selling various books I had.  After I had sold about 15 books I had enough to buy the Flip Mino, which I was really pleased with.

But…almost as soon as I’d bought it I found out that Flip were just bringing out a High Definition version.  I then saw some of the results of the HD version and realised that I just had to have one.  So, after selling the original Flip Mino and a few more books I had enough to buy the new High Definition version.

And I’m really chuffed with it.

Here is a first attempt at using it for the blog.  It’s just a quick video I made describing the equipment I use to create the Nile Cruise Podcast.

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