Gulet Cruise

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Barbara and I took our first Gulet cruise a number of years ago and we’ve booked a total of three Gulet cruises since then.

As you can guess we had a fabulous time. It’s another totally different way to enjoy time away from our normal day to day life.

Our Gulet cruises have allowed us to explore some of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen. Based in Turkey we’ve swam, dined and explored places we’d never heard of and would never have been able to find if we’d not been sailing on a Gulet.

You can read more about our first Gulet cruise experience on the website but here’s a taster to give you an idea what a fabulous time we had:

“Our first Gulet cruise was in 2006 when some friends of ours, Carole and Gavin, who had taken a gulet cruise holiday the year before asked us to join them for another cruise that started in Marmaris and ended in Fethiye.

Over dinner and after a few glasses of wine they told us about spending long, lazy days swimming from the gulet in crystal clear turquoise waters, sunbathing on the warm wooden decks, eating wonderful meals prepared by the crew form fresh, local produce and spending nights sleeping outside under the stars on the deck.

After looking at their photographs from the previous year Barbara and I were hooked and we booked our first gulet cruise with the now-defunct Tapestry Holidays the next day. It was on a wonderful, luxury 8 cabin gulet and was booked for July.

I wont’ go into what we did every day on our first gulet cruise but what I will say is that it was everything that Carole and Gavin said it would be and more.

In the end there were 8 of us, all friends who sailed on the gulet that July and it was one of the best holidays we’ve ever had.

As Carole and Gavin had said, we spent days swimming off the gulet in the turquoise waters of little hidden bays and inlets that our captain and crew knew. We sailed leisurely each day as we followed the route from Marmaris to Fethije. We ate wonderful meals prepared by our great, friendly crew. We fished with simple lines from the rear of the ship. We met 8 new friends (there were 16 of us on board) and spent warm, enchanting evenings at anchor talking, laughing, drinking and singing at the community table and we slept under the stars on the open deck in the barmy night air. Next morning, as the sun came up we woke to enjoy hearty breakfasts and Turkish coffee and started the new day afresh”.