Nile Cruise – Our Journey home

I am writing this mid-flight aboard our Monarch flight back to Manchester. I’m at the point in any flight where I have read bits of my magazine, listened to music and various podcasts on my iPhone and tried in vain to sleep.

I’ve had a glass of red wine and had my inflight meal and now I’m bored STIFF! I have never been able to sit still for very long so I’m trying to think of the exercises I need to do on a flight to stop deep-vein thrombosis. Trouble is I can’t remember them and so I keep flexing my calf muscles, flexing my feet in and out and trying to stretch my thighs…all whilst sitting in my seat. The guy next to me must think I’ve either got a bladder problem and need to keep fidgeting or that I fancy him as my right leg keeps touching left leg inadvertently. I’d better starting speaking to Barbara who’s sitting across the aisle, in a very deep and manly way!!

I guess the only way I’ll know if I’ve suffered a deep-vein thrombosis will be when the plane lands and I stand up and my legs don’t! Guess I’d just have shuffle off the plane on my backside.

We met a whole bunch of our clients at Luxor Airport and thankfully every single one of them had had a wonderful trip and loved every second of their Nile cruise holiday. Each of them have told us they will send us a testimonial to add to the Nile-Cruises-4u website and all of them said how welcoming they found the Egyptian people.

Yesterday Barbara and I visited 4 of the leading hotels in Luxor including the Sofitel Karnak, the Maritim Jolie Ville, the Sonesta St. George and the Old Winter Palace. All excellent hotels that you could spend a wonderful week’s holiday enjoying brilliant sunshine at a fraction of the cost you would spend if you chased guaranteed sunshine as far as the Caribbean. I’ll add full descriptions and photographs of the hotels over the next week or so.

Now it’s time to try and fill in time for the rest of the flight in some unique way I haven’t thought of yet. Perhaps the stewardesses would let me help serve the next drinks service?