Merry Christmas from Nile Cruises 4u


Well it’s been a rocky road from Nile Cruises 4u over the last week. Our hosting company decided that they were not going to support a particular web platform that Nile Cruise website was built on. Sadly they only notified us on the actual day that they were ceasing supporting that platform and so our website almost immediately ceased to function.

That meant we had to scramble around to find a good alternative hosting company that was suitable for us to swap the site to. This took a day or so and then we spent almost 8 days trying to move over the site and this Nile Cruises Blog. This sounds easy in theory but in practise is a nightmare. The things you think are going to be easy become difficult to achieve and the things you expect to be difficult become a nightmare. I think we are pretty much ok now but only time will tell if there is anything that still needs to be configured.

The say “what doesnt’ kill you makes you stronger”.

So if we take that adage at face value then I think we will be stronger for the awful experiences of the last 2 weeks. We have certainly learnt a few important lessons.

1) You cannot always depend on the “biggest” companies in any field. We were with one of the biggest hosting company’s in the world. They now sponsor football matches in this country. Yet thet let us down really badly and could have destroyed our website.

2) Make sure you “back-up” daily or as often as you can. Make sure that if the same thing happens again that you have all your files and content backed up so you at least can try and re-build your site.

3) Make sure you surround yourself with experts that you can call on to assist you with the things you cant’ do.

After that its’ just hard work and…luck.

What about 2012 and Nile Cruises?

Well, at the moment we have some great Nile Cruise Bargains available for January on ships such as the Grand Rose and Grand Preziosa but we also have a wonderful offer of 50% off the second person for the excellent 5 Star Viking Princess and the superb 5 Star Deluxe Royal Viking for selected dates throughout January to October 2012. If you call us on our Freephone 0808 1089 100 number we can tell you more about that superb offer.

So all it leaves now is for us to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year from all of us at Nile Cruises 4u.