Nile Cruise Blog Uses WordPress

If you are a regular reader of the Nile Cruise Blog you will have noticed that we use WordPress as our blogging platform.  I have long been a fan of WordPress.  It’s a great vehicle to create a website that is both easy to use on a daily basis and (most importantly) is optimised for the search engines.

I have created a number of websites for other people over the years and always use WordPress as the platform to build the site on.  It’s a great content management system and there are so many free tutorials all over the web so it’s easy for a newcomer to quickly get to grips with it.

One website that I can personally recommend is Mark McLaren’s  It’s full of great WordPress tutorials and I find Mark’s way of explaining things is easy and straightforward.

If you are looking to create either a personal or business blog or you are hoping to create a new website then I recommend both WordPress and Mark’s website as a good starting point.

This is a Nile Cruise recommendation!!