Nile Cruise Christmas 2012

Nile Cruise Christmas 2012

Do you normally go away on holiday over Christmas? My family do. Each Christmas for the last few years Barbara and I and our 3 grown up kids, (either at Uni or just left) go skiing. The kids love it as they go snowboarding and Barbara and I take long walks and go up to the slopes and meet them for lunch and generally have a great time.

Nile Cruise Christmas 2012

It’s cold but we’re dressed up for it and we are so used to going away over Christmas that it would feel strange now to actually be at home.

However, if it was just Barbara and I that were going to be away I think I’d take a Nile cruise.

The reasons?

Well, firstly the weather will be lovely, especially in comparison to the weather we can expect in the UK. It will be warm and sunny in the day and in the evening we’ll be on board our Nile cruise ship so it wont’ bother us if there is a nip in the air.

Secondly, we’ll be waited on for our meals, we’ll be able to drink without worrying about “drinking and driving” and we’ll be able to enjoy several nights of entertainment right where we are. No wrapping up to pop to the theatre or the cinema. The entertainment will be on our doorstep, so to speak.

Thirdly, we’ll be kept busy during the day visiting the temples and sites. We’ll be trasnsported right there and we’ll have an expert with us explaining everything that we are seeing and experiencing.

Prices will be a bit more as it always is when you travel over Christmas and New Year but we’d probably be spending more than normal if we stayed at home.

So, if we were not going skiing again a Nile Cruise is what we’d take instead.

If you’d like to know more about prices and availability for cruising the Nile over Christmas please call either Barbara or myself, Colin, on Freephone 0808 1089 100.