Nile Cruise Office Panorama

Nile Cruise Office Panorama

This is a panoramic view of a pretty empty Nile Cruises 4u office, after closing time.   You can just about see Barbara up at the end of the office.

Why post this pic?

Well it’s the first “panoramic” photo taken with my new iPhone using the “Pano” application bought for £1.59 from the Itunes Application store.

You take a series of photos and “Pano” merges them together.  Imagine what fantastic photos you could take take with an iPhone using “Pano” on your Nile Cruise? You could take fantastic photographs of the Nile riverbank from your cruise ship or take amazing photographs at the Valley Of The Kings or at Abu Simbel.

Usually, when you take a photograph at these wonderful locations you just cannot get a wide enough angle with your camera and when you get back home and try and show other people there is just no way that they can get an idea of the size or the atmosphere of that location. With your iPhone using “Pano” you would be able to really capture those moments.

I cant’ wait for my next time on the Nile. I’ll be using “Pano” to try and get some great photographs.