Nile Cruise Prices for September and October 2008

Yesterday I posted up our Nile Cruise prices for September and October 2008 for the El Fostate and King Tut I on the main Nile Cruises website.  Dont’ forget that the prices shown include all transfers from and to the airport, 12 excursions and the services of a qualified Egyptologist.  But they do not include the airfare prices.

However, we will package these Nile Cruise prices with the best UK to Luxor flight prices we can obtain.

Please call us on our Freephone 0808 1089 100 number for details of these cruises.

2 Replies to “Nile Cruise Prices for September and October 2008”

  1. Boy, You guys must have swamped just about every appropriate site on the net with details of your El Fostate cruise.
    It’s a good review of course and very interesting but it’s hard to find anything much about this boat that’s not based on this trip. I wonder If you could answer a couple of questions for me.
    I have been down the Nile, ON RAII, a couple of years ago and am considering going again. The actual voyage is just as you describe but I wanted a change of boat, just for the sake of change, The Ra was fine. Do the windows in the cabins open ? Will they take credit cards as they did on RA ? Is this a 5* ( As most are) or a 5* Superior ? Are all this boats moorings 4 or 5 abreast ? Was this boat renamed from King Tut 1 after refurbishing ?

  2. Hi Paul,

    We havent’ swamped the different sites, I think a lot of sites “scrape” content from blogs such as this without us knowing.

    Probably a good thing for getting visitors to their sites, but not too sure if it benefits us.

    Still, thanks for your comment and questions.

    I’ve travelled on the El Fostate and hopefully can answer your questions. The windows dont’ open on the El Fostate like they do on the RA2, which of course, has balconies. They say that they dont’ take credit cards but did so when I cruised. It is a recognised official 5 star and I found the ship excellent in both its’ furnishings, food and crew. The moorings can, sometimes, be 3 and 4 abreast. I dont’ think the El Fostate is a “renamed” boat as the King Tut 1 is still cruising. Hope this helps Paul, but please feel free to call either myself or Barbara on our Freephone number 0808 1089 100 if you need any more information. I would highly recommend the El Fostate.

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