Nile Cruise Video

Nile River BoatmanI’m trying to edit a video of our recent Nile Cruise and Cairo visit but things have just been too busy here at Nile Cruises 4u to get a good run at it.  Every time I settle in to start with the editing and joining together of the various video clips the phones go!!

Cant’ complain as phone calls are the lifeblood of our business but I’m keen to get the video up on to the website as I’m sure a lot of people will get a better idea of what a Nile Cruise and Cairo trip will entail.

I’m thinking of staying up all night one day and bashing through it but as my eyelids start to droop around 11.00pm each evening my best intentions seem to slip away.

But I’ll get it done asap so please watch this space.

In the meantime here’s a photo I took of the boatman on our trip across the Nile to Kitchener’s Island.