The Nile CruiseMobile…

Nile Cruise Brompton UnfoldedNile Cruise BromptonI have just taken possession of the new Nile Cruise Brompton and I’m really pleased with it.

Barbara and my kids bought it for my birthday and I have had to wait for 7 weeks whilst it was hand-built at the Bropmton factory.  You get a choice of colours and as you can see mine is canary yellow with navy extremities.  Lovely!  Cant’ see that getting lost.

I picked it up yesterday and cycled over to my mum’s apartment.  On arrival I set about “folding” the bike.  Twenty minutes later I gave up and carried it up to her apartment.  After about an hour I left mum’s and came back to the car park and spent another 20 minutes or so trying to put it back into a “rideable” state.  Trouble was it was lashing down so by the time I had managed to put it back together again and ride home I was soaked.

Still it’s a great bike and one that I can take with me on the train or in the back of the car.  Just need to get the hang of the “fold” and “unfold” business.