Nile Cruises

I was reading the following post on a travel forum yesterday and thought while I was reading it that quite a few people may want to cover the exact amount of ground as this travellers while enjoying their first Nile cruise…

“So while we are in Egypt we want to see the pyramids, loads of temples and statues, the Sphinx, Temple of Luxor, take a Nile cruise, and Alexandria. But what I’m really excited about is getting to RIDE A CAMEL! …”

No problem regarding riding a camel (!) but not everyone realises that you will have a pretty hectic week if you try and combine seeing the Pyramids, the Sphinx AND enjoy a Nile cruise too.

The problem being that Nile cruises start and finish in Luxor and the Sphinx and Pyramids are near Cairo. And Luxor is 721km’s away from Cairo, which is quite some distance.

You can take a day’s excursion up to Cairo by air in the middle of your Nile cruise but your going to have to get up pretty early and really race around a fair bit in Cairo to get everything done. Plus it’s not a cheap day’s excursion as it involves a plane fair.

It’s far better to consider either returning to Egypt at a later date and staying in Cairo and really doing it justice OR consider getting us to arrange 2 nights in Cairo at the start of your trip. See all you want to see at a much more leisurely pace and then fly down to Luxor to join your Nile cruise. You’ll enjoy things much more and you’ll probably find that it wont’ cost you that much more than that “rushed” one day Cairo excursion would cost you.

If you’d like a quote for a Cairo add on please give Barbara or myself a call on our Freephone number 0808 1089 100.