Nile Cruises Egypt

The reason I have created the title to this post, “Nile Cruises Egypt” is that taking a Nile Cruise really combines 2 of the best “holiday destinations” you can find. Firstly, as you will have realised by reading the various posts on this blog or listening to one of the Nile Cruise Podcasts, we think that taking a Nile Cruise is a brilliant holiday choice. Couple that with a further week’s stay in “Egypt”, perhaps in Hurghada, Luxor, Sharm-El-Sheikh or Taba, and you’ve got the makings of an unforgetable holiday.

As this week’s Nile Cruise Podcast interviewee, Shirley Bell, says “being able to follow a Nile Cruise with a week winding down in a lovely hotel is a wonderfully relaxing experience”.

If you would like more details about taking a “Nile Cruise and Stay” holiday please call Barbara on our Freephone enquiry number 0808 1089 100 and she will be delighted to tell you the various options you can choose from.