Nile Cruises International Team

If you run an online business as we do pretty much with Nile Cruises 4u you will often face challenges “technology-wise”. By that I mean that we all have certain computer skills that we can utilise in running our businesses.  However none of us are usually experts at everything and often we could use the expertise of a really expert.

That might be in creating new websites, adding video or images to your site, utilising new programmes that you may not be familiar with, etc, etc.

Here at Nile Cruises 4u we have a small team that we’ve gathered together over the years that are situated around the world.  For instance, Angel, our technical expert, is based in the USA whilst one of our main graphic designers lives in the Philipines.  None of us have met face-to-face but they are massively important members of our team.

How did we manage to find such experts and how do we manage to communicate and arrange payments, etc, etc?  Well we use to use a “Freelancers” website called Scriptlance which puts together people like us with freelance experts who are looking for projects.  Such sites are a real boon to people who run online businesses and we’ve had nothing but great, positives experiences using such sites and have met and worked with some great people as a result.

If you are interested in doing something similar then may I recommend a site called which is probably the best freelancers website I have come across.  The set up is excellent and the system they use is very intuitive.  Yesterday I saw that they had produced an excellent little video explaining what they do and so I have added it to this post so you can see what I am talking about.  I would certainly recommend ODesk and the idea of building your team from experts all around the world.  It’s very exciting and gives you access to an amazing pool of talent.

Here’s ODesk’s video that will explain more: