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Not sure how many people who read this Nile Cruise Blog use Twitter but I’ve been using it for a few months now as a way to let people know what special offers we have or what developments we are undertaking here at Nile Cruises 4u or on our sister website, Kenya Holidays 4u.

Twitter is almost like a “micro-blogging” system.   This Blog is on WordPress, which is a blogging “platform”, and Twitter is a “micro-blogging” platform.  The difference is that Twitter “posts” limit you to just 140 characters.  Now you see where the phrase “micro-blogging” comes from.  So you are pretty limited as to what you can say.  However its’ ideal if you just want to let people know about something quickly.  well almost instantaneously.

You can “subscribe” to peoples “Twitter” feeds if you find someone’s posts interesting or useful.  I subscribe to a number of Twitter feeds from people who’s blogs I follow and, if you are interested in keeping up to date on what we post here on our main Nile Cruise Blog then you can follow our Twitter feed here.

Hope that made sense by the way!!

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  1. Yes, Twitter certainly seems to be coming into its’ own and is a great way to contact a lot of people quickly if you want to pass on useful information. (Hopefully useful!!). Just visited your site. Wow!! Your yacht looks fabulous and what a great place to cruise! Very envious!!

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