Cheap Nile Cruise

Cheap Nile Cruise

Cheap Nile Cruise

Do you really want a cheap Nile cruise or do you really want the best value Nile cruise available?

I’m a great believer in the motto “you get what you pay for” and I think with a Nile cruise that’s a really important thing to keep in mind.

Of course everyone wants to get a good deal and nobody wants to pay over the odds but with travel and holidays you need to be very careful to ensure that the “good deal” that you obtain turns out to be just that and not a nightmare! Continue reading “Cheap Nile Cruise”

Aswan and Abu Simbel

For anyone taking a Nile cruise here’s an interesting article from The Times, one of India’s leading newspaper.

In Nubian country

Visiting Aswan and neighbouring Abu Simbel could be an enthralling experience.

It took many years and great courage by ancient pharaohs to unify Lower Egypt with the Upper Egypt. Aswan, is the gateway to the Nubian country, which forms Lower Egypt and borders Sudan. Nubians are of a different stock, dark skinned, curly haired and tall. Continue reading “Aswan and Abu Simbel”

Nile Cruises – One persons experience…

Nile Cruises

This is a recent article from the Adelaide Now website

A STONE’S throw from Africa, on the banks of the mighty Nile, is Aswan, an Egyptian jewel, sun-baked, yet enjoying the lush advantages of life on the water’s edge, writes JESSICA HURT.

It starts out of nowhere, a sweet humming noise, which slowly builds to a powerful crescendo. Dressed in the traditional, long, dress-like costume of the region, the musician beats his hand on the side of a small hand-held drum as he sings. Oh la lei li – he repeats it, and we are invited to sing it back to him, each time louder than the first. Continue reading “Nile Cruises – One persons experience…”