Why are some people so rude to call-centre staff?

Why are some people so rude to call-centre staffI’m sitting here with steam coming out of my ears wondering why some people are so rude when they are at the other end of a telephone when they just wouldn’t’ have the nerve to be that way in a face to face situation?

Years ago Barbara and I owned several High Street travel agencies and for the most part people were always pleasant and courteous in their dealings with you.

Now, because of the nature of travel being sold over the web and over the telephone, Nile Cruises 4u operates from offices and deals exclusively over the telephone and over the web.

Sadly that just seems to bring out the worst of some people and over the last couple of days I must have had about 4 people just put the telephone down on me when they couldnt’ get either the price or the date that they wanted.

You cannot imagine how frustrating it is to have that done to you and I wonder if it’s a sympton of our society?  I have to say that most people we deal with are great.  Courteous and patient.  But there are a growing number of people who, because they are at the end of a telephone, feel that they can be as rude as they like.

Let’s hope the rest of the day is a bit better now that I’ve let off steam.