Nile Cruise Packages

Nile Cruise Packages

There is a large selection of “Nile Cruise Packages” available for anyone thinking of combining a Nile Cruise with an extra week somewhere else in Egypt or even just a few days at the beginning or the end of their Nile cruise.

For instance if you are thinking of having an extra week at the end of your Nile cruise you could look at any of the following:

Nile Cruise and Red Sea:

Nile Cruise and Red Sea Holidays

This could consist of a Nile Cruise followed by an extra week in Red Sea resorts such as El Gouna, Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Makadi Bay and even Sharm El Sheikh, although Sharm is a flight away from Luxor whereas the other Red Sea resorts are much nearer and are reached by road. Marsa Alam is particularly good for diving and snorkelling but the other Red Sea resorts all offer diving and snorkelling facilities. You can read more about the various options by visiting our Nile Cruise and Red Sea page. Continue reading “Nile Cruise Packages”

Nile Cruise and Hurghada Testimonial

We’ve just added a new “Nile Cruise and Hurghada” testimonial on the main Nile Cruises 4u website.

Our clients recently returned from a 1 week Nile Cruise followed by a further week in Hurghada.

You can read the testimonial along with many other on our Nile Cruise Testimonials page or, to save you time, you can read it below:

Dear Barbara,

If you are thinking of going to Egypt or are thinking of going again – now is the time!

The Nile is quiet, the temples and tombs are empty (except for their righful occupants!).

We had a week on the Nile in September on the Sun Boat IV and what a wonderful week. Excellent food and accommodation, perfect service, an informative and enthusiastic guide. For 40 years I have always wanted to see the Nile and it’s temples, after a visit to the exhibition in the British Museum back in the 1970’s. It was everything I hoped for and more and the visit to Abu Simbel was unworldly.

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Nile Cruise Bargains

Viking Princess Sun Deck

Over the last few weeks we have had some excellent Nile Cruise Bargains and some travellers have obtained some wonderful deals that have enabled them to enjoy one of the world’s truly memorable travel experiences.

During July and August there will be some changes in flight availability that will affect the availability of Nile Cruises in the respect that a number of flights have been cancelled over the summer months.  However there is now a new carrier, EasyJet, flying from Gatwick to Luxor which will make up for some of the loss of seats.

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