Nile Cruise Ships – 3 New Entries

We have today added three new Nile Cruise ships to our inventory.

Firstly the 4 star “All Inclusive” MS Magic I Nile Cruise ship and two 5 star Nile Cruise ships, the MS Lady Mary and the MS Lady Carol.

The Lady Mary and the Lady Carol ships are full board but with the option to upgrade to an All Inclusive option.

You can see the MS Magic here:

MS Magic Nile Cruise Ship

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MS Stephanie Nile Cruise Testimonial

MS Stephanie Nile Cruise

We have just added a new testimonial that we received from a client who sailed on the MS Stephanie.

In fact they sailed last year but due to a problem with our emails we have only just retrieved it from our inbox!

If you take a minute you will be able to read a really positive review of this ship and how much the clients enjoyed their time sailing on her.  They also mentioned that if you get the time prior to departure to read up a little bit about the history of Ancient Egypt it will certainly help you enjoy the sights and experiences even more.

One Egyptian Travel Guide that we can recommend that a number of our clients have mentioned is the Dorling Kindersley “Eyewitness Egypt” guide.

If you pop over to the Nile Cruise Testimonials page you can read all 26 testimonials but in case you dont’ have the time at the moment here is the testimonial we’ve just published:

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Domina Prestige Nile Cruise Testimonial

Domina Prestige Nile Cruise Testimonial:

Domina Prestige Nile CruiseWe have just received an excellent testimonial for the Domina Prestige Nile cruise ship.

It has been written by two of our clients who flew almost a week after the flights to Egypt were resumed after the Revolution and they are at pains to state in their testimonial how quiet and peaceful things are over in Egypt and what a wonderful time they had.

That bears out the experiences of Barbara and myself when we were out in Luxor some four weeks ago. Everything is very much back to normal and the Egyptian people we met were delighted that we had come and they were very proud of the Revolution and keen to tell us of the experiences and hopes for the future.

You can read this new testimonial and many more on our dedicated New Cruise Testimonials page but to save you the bother I am reprinting it here:

“Hi Barbara and Colin,

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