Nile Cruise Testimonial

We’ve just received this short but very positive Nile Cruise Testimonial:

Viking Princess Sun Deck

Hi Barbara,

Thank you. We have just had a great time on the Viking Princess Nile cruise ship.

We have always wanted to do a Nile Cruise but we had heard that people could get tummy problems.

We had none of that.  The food was the best we have ever had in Egypt. The guide was fantastic.

We are now at home taking a rest as this was a very busy programe but  we enjoyed every minute.

 So one again thank you. All the tips you gave us were a great help.

Sue and Keith

Nile Cruise Testimonials – MS Grand Rose

We have just received a great Nile Cruise Testimonial from a client who has just returned from a Nile Cruise on the MS Grand Rose.

MS Grand Rose Nile Cruise

You can read the testimonial along with many others on our Nile Cruise Testimonials page. However to save you time here is a copy of Andrea’s email:

Dear Barbara

Apologies for not contacting you before but I have felt “6 steps behind” since getting back from Egypt in the early hours of last Tuesday. Continue reading “Nile Cruise Testimonials – MS Grand Rose”

Nile Cruise, Lake Nasser Cruise, Cairo & Luxor Holiday Review

We have just received a very detailed testimonial/review from clients who recently enjoyed a 15 day Nile Cruise, Lake Nasse Cruise, Cairo and Luxor holiday that we arranged for them.

Lake Nasser - Abu Simbel

You can read the latest review on our Nile Cruise Testimonials page along with 27 others. Or if you dont’ have the time at the moment here’s a copy:

Dear Colin & Barbara,

Just to say that we had an absolutely fabulous holiday and to thank you for helping us to arrange it.

Needless to say but the tourist trade was very quiet, making it a great time to visit the sites without too many queues. On the security side, we could not visit Edfu because of some local problems and we restricted ourselves to the museum in Cairo, otherwise we felt perfectly safe at all times.

The itinerary (Nile cruise, Lake Nasser, Cairo & Luxor) worked perfectly and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a 2 week holiday seeing as many sites as possible. We debated if we should have done Cairo at a different stage of the holiday but I think it works best if you do the museum after you have seen some of the sites that the pieces came from.

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Nile Cruise and Hurghada Testimonial

We’ve just added a new “Nile Cruise and Hurghada” testimonial on the main Nile Cruises 4u website.

Our clients recently returned from a 1 week Nile Cruise followed by a further week in Hurghada.

You can read the testimonial along with many other on our Nile Cruise Testimonials page or, to save you time, you can read it below:

Dear Barbara,

If you are thinking of going to Egypt or are thinking of going again – now is the time!

The Nile is quiet, the temples and tombs are empty (except for their righful occupants!).

We had a week on the Nile in September on the Sun Boat IV and what a wonderful week. Excellent food and accommodation, perfect service, an informative and enthusiastic guide. For 40 years I have always wanted to see the Nile and it’s temples, after a visit to the exhibition in the British Museum back in the 1970’s. It was everything I hoped for and more and the visit to Abu Simbel was unworldly.

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MS Stephanie Nile Cruise Testimonial

MS Stephanie Nile Cruise

We have just added a new testimonial that we received from a client who sailed on the MS Stephanie.

In fact they sailed last year but due to a problem with our emails we have only just retrieved it from our inbox!

If you take a minute you will be able to read a really positive review of this ship and how much the clients enjoyed their time sailing on her.  They also mentioned that if you get the time prior to departure to read up a little bit about the history of Ancient Egypt it will certainly help you enjoy the sights and experiences even more.

One Egyptian Travel Guide that we can recommend that a number of our clients have mentioned is the Dorling Kindersley “Eyewitness Egypt” guide.

If you pop over to the Nile Cruise Testimonials page you can read all 26 testimonials but in case you dont’ have the time at the moment here is the testimonial we’ve just published:

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