Domina Prestige Nile Cruise Testimonial

Domina Prestige Nile Cruise Testimonial:

Domina Prestige Nile CruiseWe have just received an excellent testimonial for the Domina Prestige Nile cruise ship.

It has been written by two of our clients who flew almost a week after the flights to Egypt were resumed after the Revolution and they are at pains to state in their testimonial how quiet and peaceful things are over in Egypt and what a wonderful time they had.

That bears out the experiences of Barbara and myself when we were out in Luxor some four weeks ago. Everything is very much back to normal and the Egyptian people we met were delighted that we had come and they were very proud of the Revolution and keen to tell us of the experiences and hopes for the future.

You can read this new testimonial and many more on our dedicated New Cruise Testimonials page but to save you the bother I am reprinting it here:

“Hi Barbara and Colin,

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Nile Cruise Reviews

Nile Cruise ReviewsNile Cruise Reviews:

If you are looking for Nile Cruise Reviews to help you make up your mind which Nile Cruise Ship you should choose then please pop over to our Nile Cruise Testimonials page on the main website and click on the Nile Cruise Testimonial tab on the top navigation bar.

Currently we have over 20 Nile Cruise Reviews from our clients and we are adding to that number all the time. In fact we ask all our clients if they have the time on their return if they could drop us a quick email with their impressions of the Nile Cruise ship they sailed upon and the cruise overall.

It’s not a “failsafe” way of choosing your ship as everything in life is subjective and your tastes may not be the same as others but I think you can be sure that if a certain ship has consistent recommendations then you will probably like it too.

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Nile Cruise Testimonials

I’ve just added two more Nile Cruise Testimonials to the main part of the website from clients who have just returned from cruising on the MS Stephanie and the Domina Prestige respectively.

Both clients had a wonderful time. Both parties were affected by the sad demise of African Safari Club and we had to rearrange new cruises for them instead. However they enjoyed their new vessels and as you will read they recommend cruising the Nile in either ship.

You can read the new testimonials on our Nile Cruise Testimonials page.

Nile Cruise Testimonial just received…

I have just received this email from 2 of our clients who are currently enjoying a Nile Cruise.  They will then change ships and are to take a Lake Nasser cruise.

They kindly emailed me from their hotel in Aswan to let me know how they are getting on.  Here is the email I received:

Hi Colin
Just a note to say what a fantastic holiday we are having here in Egypt.  I will update you on the full itinerary when we get home but so far everything has really exceeded our expectations.  After all the uncertainty of whether we would get here and would we enjoy it so soon after the revolution we are having one of our best holidays ever.  All the arrangements you made for us have been so smooth running and we are contacted by the tour reps frequently with pick up times etc.  Both hotels are excellent and I can’t praise the Oberoi Philae highly enough.  The Nile cruise was amazing ……the boat is just beautiful and the crew were so welcoming and friendly.  They really go the extra mile to ensure you enjoy your time onboard.   Visiting all the temples and tombs was the highlight and the Egyptologist was fantastic with his knowledge and enthusiasm for his subject.  We feel very lucky to be here at this time as the sites are still fairly quiet.  Looking forward to the Lake Nasser cruise starting tomorrow.
Thanks again,
Jean & Alex

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