Best Month To Take A Nile Cruise

When Is The Best Month To Take A Nile Cruise?

Most Nile cruises sail between Luxor and Aswan, where average temperatures range from between 20 degrees to well over 40 degrees celsius.

The hottest months on the Nile are between May and October, with the warmest month usually being June, and the coolest being January. However, it is usually much easier to cope with high temperatures in Egypt, because it is a dry heat and not as debilitating as a humid heat.

The “high season” for Nile cruises is the reverse of most holiday destinations, being between October and March. Accordingly, you will pay more for departures in these months From May through to September, the day time temperatures can become really high, and you should take this into account before booking.

So what is the best month to take a Nile cruise?

Best Month To Take A NIle Cruise
Best Month To Take A Nile Cruise

For many people, the ideal months to travel are October and April, as the day time temperatures are lovely and warm and the evening temperatures are warm enough to sit outside on the sundeck without a pullover or cardigan.

There is really nothing more atmospheric than to be sitting out in the evening on the ships’ sundeck, listening to the call to prayer from the nearby mosques, the sound of the livestock on the banks of the Nile, and the constant sounds of the insects and the river. We have cruised The Nile at various times of the year, and can tell you that no matter which month you choose to take this magical trip, you will still have a wonderful time.

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Our Last Day in Cairo

Our Last Day in Cairo

Barbara at the Egyptian Museum Cairo.

Firstly let me apologise for the break in my blogging.

Over Christmas Barbara and I took the family to…(where else?)…Egypt to ensure that we enjoyed some guaranteed warm sun shine without having to travel all the way to the Caribbean. We were not disappointed and enjoyed a fabulous week at the excellent Makadi Princess in Makadi Bay. But I’ll tell you more about our trip and the hotel over the coming week.

Today I’d like to describe our last day in Cairo following on to my previous posts.

As you will have read we visited the Conrad Hotel for lunch and to have a look around after which we returned to our base hotel, the Movenpick Pyramids. Continue reading “Our Last Day in Cairo”

Visiting Cairo – Day 2 – continued even more!!

Visiting Cairo

Approaching Tahir Square Cairo

As we reached Tahir Square it felt strange to actually be driving around a location that had witnessed really world-changing events. Certainly for the Egyptian people but also it was a catalyst for change in other countries.

Of course we had watched the events unfold on TV but now we were here it was different. Probably because you realised that the square is normally just a very busy, central hub of Cairo city centre and of course it looks totally different. There were cars everywhere and people going around their daily business. You also saw that there were nearby businesses, shops, hotels and apartments that must all have been very heavily affected during the months of the Revolution.

We drove to the other side of the square and our driver pulled over to allow us to jump out near to the entrance to the Egyptian Museum. Continue reading “Visiting Cairo – Day 2 – continued even more!!”

Visiting Cairo

Visiting Cairo Day 1

After landing at Cairo Airport and dropping our bags off at the Movenpick Pyramids Hotel in Giza it was time to drive the short distance over to the world-famous Oberoi Mena House, which is the nearest hotel to the Pyramids complex. In fact it’s entrance faces the entrance to the Pyramids complex so it could not be nearer.

The Oberoi Mena House is one of the hotels that we recommend for clients taking a Nile Cruise and Stay holiday combining a cruise and a stay in Cairo.

Barbara and I have stayed in and also visited some of the most beautiful hotels in the world and I would say that the Oberoi Mena House must rate very highly amongst them.

Oberoi Mena House reception, Cairo Nov 2012

As you pass through the entrance gates you drive though beautifully manicured gardens. Then you reach the main reception building which is elegant and imposing. You are welcomed by liveried doormen and then you enter into the what I can only call  the “golden reception area“. This picture above will show you why I call it by that name. It’s really a wonderful sight.

The hotel has two sections. The Palace Wing and the Garden Wing.

The Palace bedrooms are located in the main building and include some of the most lavishly appointed suites that I have ever seen. Usually occupied by politicians, royalty and celebrities these suites are particularly expensive. Often used to host meetings of politicians from around the world these suites boast unparalleled views of the Pyramids and you can imagine world-famous politicians relaxing on the extensive balconies viewing one of the remaining Wonders of the World. I wonder if it helps them put things into perspective?

Here’s a photo of Barbara enjoying the view from the Presidential Suite. The most expensive the hotel possesses….

Oberoi Mena House Cairo. Barbara enjoys the view from the Presidential suite.

The Garden Wing is located a short walk from the reception and features deluxe garden views and Premier rooms and suites. Again the decor and furnishings are excellent and compliment the beautiful surroundings. There is a lovely swimming pool area that serves both wings as well as a extensive lawn area that families with children can enjoy.

The choice of dining options is extensive. From the excellent restaurant besides the swimming pool area that offers Italian, Egyptian and international dishes to the main restaurant in the main building the food is beautifully prepared and delicious.

We were invited to take lunch with the hotel’s sales manager and what a fabulous lunch it was. Here’s a few photographs of the restaurant and our fellow diners to give you an indication of what we enjoyed… Continue reading “Visiting Cairo”