Nile Cruise and Ancient Egypt Book

Ramses IINile Cruise and Ancient Egypt Book. 

A number of people have contacted me to say that they opened our email newsletter alert regarding yesterday’s free Ancient Egypt booklet given away in the Guardian too late to do anything about it or else they read my last blog post too late to manage to buy a copy.

If you are one of those people who has just read about it and would like to get hold of a copy then there is a way.


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Nile Cruise, Ancient Egypt and The Guardian

Nile Cruise and Cairo VisitNile Cruise with The Guardian!

Hopefully some of you will have read my post yesterday about the Free Ancient Egypt Book given away in today’s Guardian.  If not run out now and see if you can get hold of a copy because it really is an excellent introduction to Ancient Egypt.

Over the coming week or so I’ll detail some of the things that are included in the book but if you can get hold of a copy yourself prior to your taking your Nile Cruise I really think you’ll find it an invaluable resource to give you a well eounded overview that you can then build on when you visit Egypt.


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Free Ancient Egypt Guide

TutankamunTomorrow, Saturday 6th of November, the Guardian newspaper launches a new series of guides to ancient civilisations and the first guide entitled “Ancient Egypt“.
I havent’ seen the content but knowing how thorough the Guardian are from previous publications I’m sure it will be worth getting hold of a copy.
Yesterday I added a new post to the Nile Cruises 4u Blog about the new Egyptian Book of the Dead Exhibition at the British Museum and I’m sure that there will be equally fascinating facts and knowledge included in the Guardian Guide.


Having travelled many times to Egypt I still find the whole ancient Egyptian civilisation absolutely fascinating and if you are hoping to take a Nile Cruise in the future then I’m sure that the Guide would prove an excellent travel companion.

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Egyptian Book of the Dead Exhibition at the British Museum

If you are due to take a Nile Cruise or are researching the idea and you can visit London before the 6th of March 2011 it might be a good idea to visit the new exhibition “Journey Through The Afterlife: Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead” that opened today.

According to yesterdays Guardian the exhibition “explores in more detail than ever before the ancient Egyptians beliefs revealed in the Book of the Dead, an illustrated map for the afterlife, promising to guide the spirits of the deceased through the spells and challenges necessary to achieve eternal life


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Hacking continues…

Hacking continues!As I mentioned in an earlier post our main Nile Cruises 4u website has been hacked into by someone or some people trying to destroy the content of the site.  I can only imagine it’s to try and harm our business.

Sadly we’ve been specialising in Nile cruise holidays for years online and we’ve never had this sort of thing happen.  Annoyingly it’s really time consuming and boring having to fight these hackers but I think we are slowly starting to track down who may be behind it.  We are now able to see the ip (internet provider) addresses of the various robots/people/scripts trying to break into our site and we are making efforts to track backwards to see if we can find out who is behind this.

The one thing I find really dismaying is that someone or some company had actually sat down to create or have created some sort of hacking script or robot to do this.  I always thought that people competed on service and products.  I never dreamed that we would be subject to such a sneaky way to stop us doing business.

If you are having trouble accessing any of the content on our main Nile Cruises 4u website please accept our apologies.