‘Walking The Nile” Episode Two

Dont’ forget at 9.00pm this evening on Channel 4 you can see the second episode of Levison Wood’s 9 month journey “Walking The Nile“.

Last week was really fascinating, even though there was a sad and tragic moment when one of his travelling companions succumbed to heat stroke.

This week “Lev and his guide Boston trek from Rwanda’s rainforest, through remote, lawless regions of Tanzania, into Uganda. They dodge crocodiles and hippos, go to a wedding and get a hero’s welcome in Kampala”.

You can also visit Levison’s YouTube channel and see a lot more about his amazing trip.

I think next week, episode three, we’ll see more of the stretch of The Nile where you would take your Nile cruise, between Luxor and Aswan, I think the whole journey and Levison’s adventures on the world’s longer river is a great “watch”.