Save up to £1000 per couple on Luxury Nile Cruise

Alexander The Great Nile Cruise…

Compare Nile Cruise Ships - Alexander The Great

The most luxurious Nile Cruise ship I have ever set foot on is the superb Alexander The Great. More like a luxury motor yacht than a Nile Cruise ship the Alexander is top of the line from head to foot.

Superb, individually designed cabins, beautiful public rooms, wonderful cuisine and excellent, professional and friendly crew the Alexander The Great is really the ideal vessel the cruise the Nile.

As with all things, you “get what you pay for” however at this moment we have a wonderful offer where you can save up to £1000 per couple on selected dates.

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Domina Prestige Nile Cruise Offers

Domina Prestige Nile Cruise

We have some excellent prices for the 5 star Domina Prestige Nile Cruise ship for September.

Domina Prestige Nile Cruise

For instance we have a price from £759 for a seven night full board Nile Cruise with a 12 excursion package and cabin on the upper or middle deck.

The Domina Prestige cabins feature Juliette balconies and the ship has an excellent reputation.

If you preferred an All Inclusive arrangement then the prices would be from £829. Continue reading “Domina Prestige Nile Cruise Offers”

Royal Viking Nile Cruise

Royal Viking Nile Cruise Ship - Barbara relaxing on the sundeck

Royal Viking Nile Cruise | 5 Star Deluxe Nile Cruise Ship

Royal Viking Nile Cruise

One of our favourite Nile Cruise ships is the 5 star deluxe Royal Viking.

Barbara and I have sailed on the Royal Viking on 2 separate occasions and each time found the service, staff, catering and accommodation excellent. Having cruised the Nile on a number of occasions I have visited the main temples and sites before and, although, I still find visiting wonders such The Valley The Kings breathtaking, I do like the actual “cruising” part of the trip. So it’s great to know that on the Royal Viking the cabins are luxurious and comfortable with beautiful bathrooms, really relaxing beds and also the added advantage of them having Juliette balconies that allow you to open the sliding French-style windows and look straight onto the Nile. Continue reading “Royal Viking Nile Cruise”

Compare Nile Cruise Ships

Compare Nile Cruise Ships

Compare Nile Cruise Ships - Alexander The Great
One of the most difficult things to do if you are thinking of taking a Nile cruise is to compare Nile cruise ships.

How can you do it and on what basis can you compare them? The main problem is that all ship owners describe their ships as “5 Star Luxury“. Yet they cant’ possibly all be “5 Star Luxury” can they?

In fact there is a huge difference between some ships at what I would call near the bottom of the scale and those ships right at the top.

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Nile Cruise from £599 on the Viking Princess

If you are thinking of taking a Nile Cruise you should consider crusing on the excellent 5 Star Viking Princess which has a great price of just £699 for the first persomn travelling and just £499 for the second person travelling. That makes a “per person” price of just £599 per person.
Viking Princess Nile Cruise Ship

The dates available are:

13 June, 20 June, 27 June and 4 July,

Thats’ just £599 per person for a 7 night Full Board Nile Cruise with a Full Excursion programme including all transfers and taxes. Continue reading “Nile Cruise from £599 on the Viking Princess”