Free Nile Cruise Guide

Nile Cruise Guide


Would you like to know more about the whole about cruising The Nile before you make your decision on whether to book?

Perhaps you are not too sure about the Nile cruise ship you should choose?

Whether or not to choose a full board or all inclusive board option?

Perhaps you are not too sure what you will see whilst you are cruising The Nile and what’s included in your excursion programme?

Or uncertain about what optional excursions you should choose?

If you would like to know all about cruising The Nile before you make your decision then why not read our Nile Cruise Guide?

We wrote the guide to try and give readers as much information as we can about this wonderful travel experience and although it was written a number of years ago the basic information, facts and figures remain the same.

Reading the guide will tell you much more about:

    • Why you should take a Nile cruise
    • What to expect from your cruise
    • What a Nile cruise is “really” like
    • What to take with you
    • What clothing to wear
    • What you will see
    • What are the choices available for a “Nile Cruise & Stay Holiday”
    • Should I upgrade to a Luxury Nile cruise
    • Nile cruise “Tips & Hints”

and much more…

There are two versions of the Nile Cruise Guide.

One you can access right here on the website and read online.

The other you can download from Amazon, as an eBook, to read on your Kindle.

To access the online Nile Cruise Guide simply complete this simple form and as soon as you do so you will receive an email containing the link to the guide.

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To comply with Amazon regulations we have to charge a nominal price of 99p for you to download the guide, however, if you are “Kindle Unlimited” subscribers, you can download the guide for free.

Depending on your Kindle player version and also your speaker set up you should be able to listen to some original music to help evoke the spirit and atmosphere of Ancient Egypt.

The three pieces you can hear are:

  • Anthem to the Rising Moon
  • Invocation of the Great Pyramid Of Giza
  • Anthem to the Rising Moon

If you enjoy the pieces you can find out more about the music and its composer, Jeff Goodman, by visiting his fascinating website at:

You can also purchase Jeff’s Ancient Egypt compositions at:

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