Al-Assasif Necropolis

Al-Assasif Necropolis
Al-Assasif NecropolisA previously untouched coffin dating back more than 3000 years was opened in front of the media in Luxor on Saturday. It was one of two sarcophagi found this month in the Al-Assasif necropolis – the burial site of nobles and senior officials close to the pharaohs.

El-Assasif is a necropolis near Luxor on the West Bank at Thebes, EgyptUpper Egypt. It is located in the dry bay that leads up to Deir el-Bahri and south of the necropolis of Dra’ Abu el-Naga’.

El-Assasif contains burials from the 18th25th and 26th dynasties of ancient Egypt, covering the period c. 1550 to 525 BC across all three dynasties.

In October 2019, 30 coffins were uncovered and presented, dating back to the 22nd dynasty.

You can read more about the Al-Assasif necropolis here:

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