Egyptian tourism

Egyptian Tourism
Egyptian Tourism

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


The Egyptian tourism industry is back on track, with total arrivals in the past 12 months up 33.3% from 2016 to 2017.

The data, published by Colliers International, was released ahead of the Arabian Travel Market 2018, set to take place this year in Dubai from April 22-25. It is the leading global event for the Middle East inbound and outbound travel industry for the last 25 years.

Egypt, in particular, will be of major interest at this year’s show, with reports of projected growth across the board. Between 2018 and 2021, arrivals from North America will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 3.9% to 318,844. Driving this growth will be the cheaper Egyptian pound as well as government incentives for charter airlines carrying passengers on international flights.

Over the same period, visitor arrivals from Africa are also expected to grow, with a compound annual growth rate of 3.8%, to more than 300,901. Arrivals from the Middle East are expected to increase by 3% at compound annual growth rates, to over 1.34 million.

In contrast, European visitors, who’ve traditionally been the key source market for Egypt, are projected to have a 1.6% compound annual growth rate. In 2017, there were 5.2 million European arrivals.

The expected resurgence in visitors from North America, Africa and the Middle East will see both leisure and corporate travel in Egypt increase over the next four years. In anticipation, Egypt signed a three-year, US$66 million contract with advertising J. Walter Thompson to create promotional campaigns for 27 source markets. Moreover, major hotel companies have confirmed development projects, including Hilton’s Waldorf Astoria, Starwood’s St Regis and Swiss brand Mövenpick.

Tourism is one of the most important sectors in Egypt’s economy. More than 12.8 million tourists visited Egypt in 2008, providing revenues of nearly $11 billion. In 2009, the sector employed about 12 percent of Egypt’s workforce.[1]

In 2016, the minister of tourism expressed his concern and optimism about tourists returning to Egypt despite the downing of a Russian flight in 2015. The minister has said “we are all in this together” referring to terrorism that hurts a country’s tourism industry.[2][3][4]

In 2018 the UAE Minister of Happiness met with the Egyptian Minister of Tourism to discuss the philosophy of making tourists happy.[5]

In May 2018, the last chariot belonging to King Tut was escorted with a parade to the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM). It is hoped that the investment in this new museum will stimulate more tourism to Egypt.


Nile cruise passengers have also been rising steadily over the last few years so maybe this is the time for you to take that special trip?

“A Cook Abroad”…

A Cook Abroad:Dave Myers' Egypt

A Cook Abroad:Dave Myers' Egypt“Hairy Biker” Dave Myers is riding solo tonight without partner Si King for a new tour of Egypt airing on BBC2 at 9.00pm, entitled “A Cook Abroad: Dave Myers’ Egypt“.

The description of the show sounds really promising and includes Dave Myers’ “haggling ineptly for souvenirs at Luxor“. Something I’ve been guilty of on many occasions.

If your due to take Nile cruise or have already experienced one you will enjoy this programme I’m sure. I personally love Egyptian food and as I love “The Hairy Bikers” this is a programme not to be missed.

You can read more about this evening’s show here: “A Cook Abroad:Dave Myers’ Egypt“. Continue reading ““A Cook Abroad”…”

Egyptian Music Selection

Egyptian Music

Egyptian MusicIf you’ve heard the music that plays in the background when you open and read our Free Nile Cruise Guide, and liked it, you may well be interested in this mix of popular 1950s Egytian music compiled by Brian Shimkovitz.

It might just get you in the mood for your forthcoming Nile cruise or remind you of what a great time you had when you did cruise…

“Anthem To The Rising Moon”

“Anthem To The Rising Moon” by Jeff Goodman

If you have read our Nile Cruise Guide Book you will have already heard the wonderful music composed by Jeff Goodman. Jeff is a professional composer and musician from Los Angeles, California who very graciously allowed us to add his compositions to the Guide. As the Guide opens it is Jeff’s music that you hear and that lends so much to creating the atmosphere of Ancient Egypt to the experience.

Jeff emailed me to say that he has just produced a video to go with his composition “Anthem To The Rising Moon” and he will shortly be creating a series of videos to accompany his other Egyptian pieces and of course when he does so I will post those here.

I thought that I would add Jeff’s new video here on the Nile Cruises 4u Blog as a taster to Jeff’s music if you havent’ already heard it whilst reading the Nile Cruise Guide. Continue reading ““Anthem To The Rising Moon””

Egypt’s Lost Cities

Egypt’s Lost Cities

Egypt's Lost Cities

There is a new BBC programme entitled “Egypt’s Lost Cities” that will air on Monday 30th of May that I think looks absolutely fascinating and might be something you might like to watch too.  Especially if you are due to take a Nile Cruise shortly or if you have visited Egypt over the last few years.

It involves “satellite archaeology” to test the theory that stunning images of lost cities and tombs that can actually be seen from space using satellite technology and to date using the technology they have located more than 1,000 tombs and an incredible 3,100 ancient settlements.

The brief about the programme says:

Continue reading “Egypt’s Lost Cities”