Visiting Aswan – Day 2

Visiting Aswan – Day 2

Barbara at The Old Cataract Hotel Aswan November 2012

After our evening stroll and “people-watching” at the pavement cafe and a really good night’s sleep our second day in Aswan began with an excellent breakfast at the Movenpick Aswan Hotel. Once I’ve a had a good cup of real coffee I’m setup for the day. Which is just as well as we had a busy day planned.

Barbara on one of the terraces at the Old Cataract Hotel Aswan November 2012

Firstly we were lucky enough to be invited to visit the recently re-opened and world-famous “Old Cataract Hotel“. We had visited the hotel prior to its’ complete refurbishment that took over two years to complete and we were looking forward to seeing what had been done to improve this marvelous hotel that blends old-world Victorian grandeur with Egyptian charm. Continue reading “Visiting Aswan – Day 2”

Nile Cruise Christmas 2012

Nile Cruise Christmas 2012

Do you normally go away on holiday over Christmas? My family do. Each Christmas for the last few years Barbara and I and our 3 grown up kids, (either at Uni or just left) go skiing. The kids love it as they go snowboarding and Barbara and I take long walks and go up to the slopes and meet them for lunch and generally have a great time.

Nile Cruise Christmas 2012

It’s cold but we’re dressed up for it and we are so used to going away over Christmas that it would feel strange now to actually be at home. Continue reading “Nile Cruise Christmas 2012”

Nile Cruise Website Hacking

For some reason a “hacker” is continually trying to kack into our Nile cruises website. I can only imagine that it’s either a nutcase sitting in a small room somewhere who takes some sort of delight in hacking into websites of any description and destroying the content and data.

Or, more sadly, its’ a competitor who for some reason feels threatened enough by our existence to actually try and destroy our website in order to take away some of the competition.

Whichever reason applies it’s becoming increasingly frustrating trying to beat the hackers and on some occasions having to re-write and re-create whole portions of the site.

It’s a very sad state of affairs and I hope that whoever is doing it, for whatever reason, will eventually get fed up with it and move on to do something more positive with their time and talents.

End of sermon!!



New Nile Cruise Homepage

I’ve just made some extensive changes to the homepage of the Nile Cruises 4u website that includes a lot more information as well as adding our Twitter feed as a tickertape feature.

Hopefully the new changes and information displayed on the front page of the site will help people realise all of the various options we can offer them.