Egyptian System of Writing


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Now you might think “what’s this got to do with taking a Nile cruise?“.

Well, I think it  can only add to the enjoyment that you’ll get from you cruise when you finally arrive in Egypt.

To give you a taste here’s the latest question and answer I received this morning which was about the writing systems of the Ancient Egyptians:


Question by : What are the three systems of writing used by the ancient egyptians?

I have to write a report describing the three systems of writing used by the Ancient Egyptians and how they differ.  Please help and dumb it down a little please!
I’m not in college so dont get too technical.

Best answer:

Answer by The craven
The native writing systems of Ancient Egypt used to record the Egyptian language include both the Egyptian hieroglyphs and Hieratic from Protodynastic times, the 13th century BC cursive variants of the hieroglyphs which became popular, then the latest Demotic script developed from Hieratic, from the 7th century BC onward.

(We wrote a post some time ago about Hieroglyphics that you might find interesting).

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